Door and Window Estimating Software – ERP for Window and Door Manufacturers

Open source Estimating Software

Licence Free Door and Window Estimating Software and CPQ Product Configurator and Manufacturing Platform. GET YOUR MOBILE APP TRIAL!

Door and Window Estimating Software, Customer and Document Management Software

Manage Estimates, Quotes, and Customers at all your Branches, and Locations

Window Estimating, Quote and Order Revisions
OpenJanela’s Open Source License Free Window Estimating Software tracks Order Revisions. Changes due to job conditions, client requests, or ordering errors, are easily added to the system. OpenJanela’s Open Source License Free Window Estimating software records the history of all changes, the reasons for each change, and complete cost history. Future Repair or Warranty Orders will automatically be for the latest revision, ensuring accuracy and proper warranty management.
Multi-Company, Multi-Branch and Multi-Location Estimating & Quoting Software
Do you have Multiple-Organizations? Multiple-Branches? or Multiple Franchises or Multiple Locations? OpenJanela’s Open Source License Free Window Estimating Software and Quoting Module helps you manage complex business structures. With OpenJanela’s Open Source License Free Window Estimating and Quoting ERP Software branch specific customers, products, Pricing Structures, Sales and Service Teams, Intercompany deliveries, and local warehouses and shipping areas, are easily managed. Call us to discuss how we can help you streamline your processes.
Drag, Drop, Cut and Design Muntins/Grids
OpenJanela’s Door and Window Window Design Software allows your users to add Standard and Custom Grids to any Design. The Window Design Software will ensure that the grids always Align between Openings. Using OpenJanela’s Window Design Software, users can change the Number of Vertical and Horizontal Grids, Cut Grids, and Remove Grids from specific Openings. Custom Grids with Radii and Spokes (SunBursts, and other Complex designs) can also be added. Accurate cust lists including Notch positions are created and sent to CNC machines or exported to Supplier EDI files.



Sales, CRM, CPQ, Modules
- CRM for Window and Door Companies
- CPQ For Made to Order Products and Services
- Window Design Software and Door Design Software
- Fenestration Products Estimating
- Window and Door Quoting Software
- Fenestration Products Sales
Management Modules
- Door and Window Production Flow
- Window and Door Fabrication
- Window and Door Production Management
- Door and Window Supply Chain
- Accounting & A/R
- Fenestration Business Intelligence
- Window and Door Dealer Systems