Door Estimating & Fabrication

OpenJanela Door Estimating Software helps 100s of companies worldwide with Window Estimating. Produce fast and accurate Window Estimates. Generate Window Estimates based on Marked-Up costs or Price Books. Calculate accurate Bills of Materials and base Window estimates based on real costs. When creating window estimates for large projects, OpenJanela’s Request For Proposal (RFQ) Module provides you with the added benefits of requesting volume discounts from your suppliers. OpenJanela Window Estimating Module eliminates folders of papers and multiple estimating steps. Streamline Window Estimating with OpenJanela

Track Production

OpenJanela’s Estimating Software tracks Order Revisions. Changes due to job conditions, client requests, or ordering errors, are easily added to the system. OpenJanela’s Door Estimating software records the history of all changes, the reasons for each change, and complete cost history. Future Repair or Warranty Orders will automatically be for the latest revision, ensuring accuracy and proper warranty management.

Keep your entire Sales Channel Informed with regular Status Updates.

Door Estimating for Multi Company & Multi-Branch

OpenJanela’s Estimating Software and Quoting Module helps you manage complex business structures. With OpenJanela’s Door & Window Estimating Software you can manage branch-specific customers, products, Pricing Structures, Sales, and Service.
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Mobile windows and door Software
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