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Entry, Fire and Security Doors Software Entry and Security Doors Software that help you Estimate, Quote, Manufacture, Deliver. and Install!

Smart Intuitive Doors Software

OpenJanela’s Doors Software visually guides users through the design process. Our Doors Software capabilities will make even fresh hires look like expert designers. Our intuitive Drag and Drop Doors Software features and built-in rules-based Expert System will ensure that the doors you build are accurate the first time, every time!

Using OpenJanela’s Door Design Software, users can change the Number of Vertical and Horizontal Grids, Cut Grids, and Remove Grids from specific Openings.Custom Grids with Radii and Spokes (SunBursts, and other Complex designs) can also be added. Accurate cust lists including Notch positions are created and sent to CNC machines or exported to Supplier EDI files.

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Guided Options and Guided Selling

With OpenJanela’s Doors Software users are guided through sets of Options in a logical step by step fashion. Our Doors Software module ensures that all pertinent options are answered so that the system can produce accurate costs and pricing every time. The Doors Software module is controlled by user-defined rules that consider an unlimited number of variables. This Rules Engine determines what options to present, what questions to ask, and what valid answers the user sees.

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Drag and Drop Door Design Features

OpenJanela’s Doors Software drag and drop feature helps users create complex Elevations with stacked and integral frames. The Doors Software Module checks on Continuity, Length Limits, Reinforcement Rules, and many other variables to determine which parts to use. Steel Entry Doors, Fiberglass Entry Doors, Security Doors, Steel Doors, Hollow Metal Doors, even in complex Aluminium Doors can all be handled by OpenJanela’s Doors Software.

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Drag and Drop Doors, Features and Inserts

With OpenJanela’s Doors Software users are can create complex configurations by dragging and dropping Door componts into Openings. Sliding Doors, Swing Doors, Fire Doors, Security Doors, Hollow Metal Doors, and most other door types are ready to be used in OpenJanela’s Doors software. The Doors Software module is controlled by user-defined rules that consider an unlimited number of variables to ensures that only accurate designs are built, estimated and made ready for production.

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Window,Door and MTO Product Condigurator
Visual Configurator                                                                                                                                                                    OpenJanela’s visual Configurator enables even the most inexperienced Salesperson or Operator to design and estimate complex Window, Door, Aluminum Windows, Aluminum Doors, Glass and Made to Order (MTO) products while respecting all relevant Engineering Constraints, Sales Rules, Warranty Rules, and Building Codes. Always build the right Product!
Web-Based, E-Commerce, Configurator with B2B and B2C
Scaled Visual Designer What you See is What You Get. OpenJanela’s features an easy to use scaled Window and Door Designer that allows users, both internally and at your dealers, to design, price, and quote complex fenestration, Glass, and MTO products, and produce accurate scaled drawings for presentations and export to CAD
Shapes Configurator With a comprehensive built-in library of shapes, OpenJanela design software produces accurate Cutting Lists that include Bending Radii, Cut Angles, and Compound Angles, while printing Scaled Drawings for presentations and export to CAD.
Grids with
Trouble aligning grids? OpenJanela Grid Alignment automatically aligns grids between openings and produces grid cutting and notching details that can be exported to CNC machines, printed on production paperwork or displayed on Production Floor workstations. Glass Production Made Simple!
Product Configurator OpenJanela Rules-based Product Configurator is one of the most powerful on the market today.
Product Option rules
Engineering rules
Factory Routing rules
Work Instruction rules
Manufacturing rules
Machine Usage rules
Detailed labor rules
Pricing Rules, and much more…
It allows Manufacturers and Sellers of Made to Order (MTO) Products to accurately Cost, Price and Manufacture even the most complex products and services with ease.
From Installation Work, Repair Services, Roofing, Siding, Garage Doors, Shutters, Window Fashion, Glass, Furniture and more, OpenJanela’s Rules-Based Configurator will help you Quote, Sell, Manufacture and Deliver Complex MTO products.
Quote and Order Entry CPQ
Quoting with conversion to Order                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Produce window, door and other configured products quotations with scaled drawings, accurate pricing, option lists, glass, and grids configurations. Convert quotes to orders with a click of a button, collect deposits, schedule measure dates, and collect your customer’s approval signature.
Alternative Quotes & Items Present your customer with Alternative Quotations. Create Alternative Items within the same quotation. Track quote changes and versions. Engage your prospect in the sales process to close more deals.
Order Revisions Track Order Revisions due to Measure Changes, Client Requirement Changes, Uncaught Order Errors, and/or Rule Changes. Keep a history of all changes, the reasons for each change, and a complete cost history. Future Repair or Warranty Orders will automatically be for the latest revision, ensuring accuracy.
Service Orders Pull existing orders by the client’s Phone Number, Address or Name. Select the item that requires servicing. Drill down to select to the assembly or part that require replacement or repair. Add it to a Service Order. Confirm it. Send it to Production or select it from inventory.
Import your Existing Legacy orders and Bills of Materials to ensure continuity.
Multi-Branch & Multi-Location Do you have Multiple Branches, Franchises or Multiple Locations? OpenJanela can readily handle your complex business structure with branch Specific Customers, products and Service Teams. Call us to discuss how we can help you streamline your processes.
Production & Customer Documents & Reports
Quotations OpenJanela offers Standard and Customizable Presentations to Customers. Quotations are typically detailed documents showing the Products, Options, and prices. While quotations are Standard out of the box, they can be Customized to suit your specific needs.
Acknowledgments Acknowledgments or Confirmations are documents presented to the customer After an Order has been placed and measured. While they are Standard out of the box, they can be Customized to suit your specific needs.
Shipping and Invoices Shipping documents signed by the person receiving the product you are delivering. While they are Standard out of the box, they can be Customized to suit your specific needs.
NFRC Labels NFRC Labels Are available in several Formats and Sizes and some include the Energy Star Map and Logo.
Full Report Writer OpenJanela Features an Open Source, easy to use visual Report Writer.
Accounts Receivable and Accouting Integration
A/R & Payment Processing:                            OpenJanela’s Integrated Accounts Receivable module features:
Credit Limit Management
Deposit Recording
Payment Recording and Allocation to Invoices
Credit Memos and Debit
Aged Receivable
Finance Charges
GL Distribution
and More…
Integration to Accounting OpenJanela uses Advanced APIs to seamlessly integrate into Accounting Software.
Window, Door and Glass Production
Assembly & Cut Lists                                                                                                                                                                                                    Standard Format Assembly & Cut Lists are designed based on 30 years of Window and Door manufacturing experience and with the input of 100s of companies. While they are Standard out of the box, they can be Customized to suit your specific needs.
Batching / Sub-Batching Batch complete Orders, Similar Items from across Multiple Order, or Similar Assembly from Across Orders. Batch By Production Dates, Delivery Dates or Installation Dates.
Work with Production Scheduling to Automatically generated Suggested Daily Batches based on Production Start Dates, Shipping Dates or Installation Dates.
Group Production by User Defined Rules based criteria that best Optimize your production flow and minimizes Work in Progress.
Multiple Production Lines/Locations Manage Production across Multiple Production Lines or Production Plant. Manage Inter-Plant Transfers and Select the optimum Shipping Warehouse among available choices.
Custom Reports/Labels Customize Production Paperwork and Labels to suit your exact needs and minimize production floor changes and re-training.
Profile Optimization Optimize profile cutting using Standard Bar Length, and Optional Multiple and Custom Bar Length based on Supplier criteria, including minimum run sizes, weights, etc. Interface to CNC Saws, TigerStops, and other positioners. Works with Inventory Control and Purchasing Modules.
Offcut Elimination Software Eliminate Drop Off Profiles by allowing the saw operator to use up all available drop-offs prior to using full bar lengths. Easy to use, with Unlimited users and stations, this Module saves you significant amounts of money.
Profile Pairing Profile Pairing for saws with Double tracks. Optimizes and Cuts Pairs of profiles (Jamb Pairs, and Head and Sill Pairs) to Speed up production. Works with Profile Optimization and Offcut Elimination Software.
Just in Time
Production Scheduling
Schedule the Production Start Date for the whole Order taking into consideration the Shipping Route, Available Capacity, Material, and other lead times. This ensures that all items on an Order are launched into production together and that the Order status is set to In Production.
Advanced JIT Production Scheduling Schedule the Production Start Date for each Individual Item on an Order based on its Product Family, Production Lines, etc., and taking into consideration the Shipping Route, Available Capacity, Material, and other lead times. This ensures that items are launched into production Just In Time in order to minimize the Finished Goods Inventory and the cluttering of Shipping Warehouses and bays.
Window and Door Production Factory Floor
Link to Glass tables                                                                                                                                                                          Interface to Popular Glass tables such as GED, PTC, Optima, and many others
Link to Saw & Positioners Interface to Popular Saws and Positioners, including TigreStops, Elumatic, Joseph, and many others
Links to Welders Interface to Popular Automated Welders.
Link to CNC Machines Interface to Popular CNC Machining Centers.
Barcoding Tracking Use Bar-Codes to track:
The progress of Assemblies on the Production Floor
Collect Operation Start and End Times
Collect Additional Data
Works with Quality Control and Paperless Production
Quality Control Implement Rules Based Quality Control Criteria. Display and prompt users to perform specific Quality Checks Pre and Post Operation. Reject Assemblies and resend them to production. Gather Statistics of quality issues. Apply Statistical Quality Control to identify major Quality issues and possible causes. Integrates to Finished products QC and Shipping/Finished Goods Warehouse management.
Paperless Production Eliminate Production Paperwork, by using Shop Floor Displays and Bar-Code scanners. On Screen display of what operations are required and what Hardware to Install. A Great Training Tool and a Must for Manufacturers of highly customized Windows and Doors. A great tool for all modern Factories, large or small.
Window and Door Purchasing, Inventory, Shipping and other Supply Chain
Basic  Shipping OpenJanela basic Shipping Module helps you plan your routes, Assign Drops, and generate Generate:
Pick List from the Shipping Warehouse
Truck Loading reports Last In – First Out order
Print Shipping Manifests
Assign Trucks and Drivers
Print Customer Delivery Notes
Triggers invoicing if Invoices After Shipping option is selected
Advanced Shipping Advanced Shipping Add the following:
Modify Routes on the fly
Modify Drops and Display Routes on Maps
Expedite Items scheduled to be shipped
Request Shipping Quotes
Track shipping costs
Interface to Delivery Drive Mobile Apps
Receiving With QC Receive Raw Material and Assemblies into inventory
Notifies appropriate departments of availability
QC received Items
Process supplier invoices
Adjust material costs using Weighted Average
Integrates to most Accounting
Receiving Mobile App Simplify the receiving process by enabling your staff to receive products as it arrives, wherever it arrives – No more forms and double entries.
Inventory Control Comprehensive Inventory Control functionality including:
Multiple Units of Measure for Usage vs Stocking, vs Ordering
On Hand, Available, Allocated, On Order, and WIP
Multi-Location and Multi-Warehouse
Station/Line Stock with Transfers
Minimum Quantities and Re-Order Points
Minimum Order Quantities (Seasonal)
Inventory Dashboard with Quickviews
Inventory Valuation and Integration to Accounting
and much more…
Glass Purchasing EDI Glass Purchasing from Glass Suppliers minimizes Ordering errors and simplifies Receiving and finding the glass required on the supplier racks.
Purchasing OpenJanela Window and Door Manufacturing, Fabrication and Dealer Software Purchasing Modules are designed for the Industry:
Multiple Suppliers
Alternative parts
Supplier EDI
Seasonal Supplier Minimum Order Quantities
Related Product ordering strategies
Real Demand Forecast from Internal and External (Dealer network) orders
and much more …
Enterprise, CRM, and Sales
Lead Management OpenJanela’s integrated Lead Management captures your Social media, Web-Site, and Incoming Phone Leads into your ERP Database.
Leads can be assigned to specific Sales teams or people based on work schedules, territories, Branches, and locations.
Opportunities are generated from incoming leads, and Appointments set.
Integrates to Sales Pipelines and converted to Prospects by issuing Quotations using OpenJanela product Design and Estimating Configurator.
Closes to loop from Lead to Manufacturing, Delivery and invoicing.
Customer Relations Management OpenJanela is a Customer-centric ERP system providing you with all the available information about your customers in Easy to Use screens.
OpenJanela CRM extends that functionality to include all communications, todo lists, events, reminders, etc. so that you never lose touch with important clients
Ensure that your clients’ expectations are at the forefront of your daily activity.
Sales Management Whether you have a single branch or Multiple Branches and Locations, or whether you sell to the retail sector or to Dealers, OpenJanela Sales Management keeps your Sales activities in control with:
Clear Sales Calendars
Sales Teams with Team Leads
Complex and Customizable Commission Structures
Mobile Apps for Sales People
and Much more…
Email and Advertising Campaigns Manage Advertising Campaigns
Launch Email Campaigns to Leads, Lead Lists, prospects, and Clients
Link to Popular Email campaign systems such as Constant Contact
Track email effectiveness and the volume of Business generated through each campaign
and much more…
Service/Installation Management Automatically Schedule Measure, Installation, Repair, and Warranty Services
Gain Visibility into Crew and Team Member Schedules and Calendars
Manage Measure, Installation, Repair, and Warranty Work Order Pipelines
Assign Work Orders to Available Best Qualified Crews
Track Job Progress, Time and Materials via Mobile Device Apps
Allow Measure Crews to Edit Sizes and other allowable Fields via Mobile Apps
On-Site Work Order Editing and Item Entry
Manage Truck and Equipment Availability and Maintenance Schedules
Assign Resources to Crews
Native Multi-Branch and Multi-Location Capabilities
Import Historic Orders and Warranty Data
Create Service Orders Easily by selecting the Assembly or Part to Replace
Automatically Generate and Schedule Production Orders for Service Items
Understand Your Product Lines by Comparing Sale Prices vs. Total Costs including Repair/Warranty Costs
Fully Customizable Functionality to Suite your exact needs
Increase your Bottom Line by Controlling your Service and Warranty Costs
Warranty management Manage Warranties, Claims and track Warranty Costs by order, product type, and claim type.
Enterprise-wide Business Intelligence Enterprise-wide Business Intelligence Reporting Engines.
Data blocks from across your entire organization including all departments, branches, dealers and distributors.
Mobile Apps for a Mobile World
Sales, CRM, and Mobile Quoting Apps Mobile Apps for Every aspect of your Enterprise
DealerMeasuring, Service and Warranty Mobile Apps Web-Based Configurator, B2B Dealer System, and B2C Configurators for your Web site.
Cycle Count Mobile App
Shipping Warehouse Mobile App
Material Management Mobile App
Driver/Delivery Mobile App
Window and Door ERP Software Customization & Implementation
Window Door Manufacturing and Fabrication Software: Implementation & Training Services
Window Door Manufacturing and Fabrication Software: Custom Interface to External Software
Window Door Manufacturing and Fabrication Software: Custom Machinery Interfaces
Window Door Manufacturing and Fabrication Software: Custom Reports & Labels
Window Door Manufacturing and Fabrication Software: Custom User Interfaces
Window Door Manufacturing and Fabrication Software: Custom Functionality
Window Door Manufacturing and Fabrication Software: Source Code Modification Training
Window Door Manufacturing and Fabrication Software: Integration to QuickBooks Server Based
Window Door Manufacturing and Fabrication Software: Integration to other Accounting
Window Door Manufacturing and Fabrication Software: EDI Interfaces to Cardinal Glass
Window Door Manufacturing and Fabrication Software: EDI Interfaces to Other Suppliers