Why do you need ERP Software for the Window and Door Manufacturing industry?

In today’s customer-centric experience economy, meeting every customer’s unique requirements and keeping a profit is hard. Customers need products faster and cheaper and have personal preferences. To meet the ever-changing market, you need to build products based on customer profiles and requirements and adhere to regulatory compliance to fulfill the products. The OpenJanela Software helps Window and Door manufacturers build better, faster, and cheaper products and manage the product’s life cycle better than other products. We have worked in the Window and Door Manufacturing industry for so long. We have created formulas and product templates for Windows and Doors. You do not have to manually draw pics of the product. This makes it easier for you to create a production report for the customer’s specifications and requirements provided in the Quote. OpenJanela Software gives the power of ERP software coupled with Quoting Software in a single application.

To build customer-centric configured products, OpenJanela Software uses mass customization technology to offer tailored products to end customers at the cost of mass production [1]. According to Anderson, Mass customization is ‘the ability to design and manufacture customized products at mass production efficiency and speed’ [2]. Nowadays, it has become a common practice for manufacturers to move from traditional make to stock and make to deliver to Mass Customization.

OpenJanela Software uses Mass Customization to pull the customer’s needs and behaviors in the design process. This is to develop the intelligence to design products to properly meet their expectations.

Key Benefits of OpenJanela ERP Software

Key Benefits

  • Sell through a Dealer Network:
    1. Your dealer can sell more products using the Online Dealer Software.
    2. Online Window and Door Configuration Tools – Help Dealers choose your standard design and enable them to Configure and Quote complex designs.
    3. Platform to collaborate effectively with customers for difficult-to-quote projects or Special pricing situations.
    4. Convert the approved quote to Sales Order with one click.
  • Online Lead Acquisition:
    1. Generate leads for Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C) scenarios with a smart lead-building wizard.
    2. Use the Online B2C visual Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Window and Door design tool to convert website visitors to Actual Qualified leads.
    3. With Smart Assist, identify and prevent spending your Sales time on Cold Leads.
    4. Give context and insights needed to craft effective customer interactions by providing smart talking points.
    5. Book Sales Appointments, record communications, and follow-up tasks with Customers.
    6. Give a better user experience to your customers with a great level of personalization.
    7. Connect the XXX Software with your existing solution if needed for Sales Optimization.
    8. With AI-powered Storefront capability, you can create your e-commerce portal for your customers.
  • Flexible Pricing Strategies:
    1. Use Pricing Strategy templates based on industry best practices to win more window and door business.
    2. Do What-if scenario modeling of your Pricing Strategy and its impact on Products in real-time.
    3. With a Prizing Wizard, Create a Pricing plan based on requirements and pain points from your customer.
    4. Offer better differentiation for your products from other competitive products.
  • Unified Bill of Material (BOM):
    1. Create a BOM from individual products and assemblies.
    2. Send Work Order Traveler to Shop Floor electronically with BOM and Product Routing steps. This helps to avoid any manual entry during the production process. Also, it helps in completing the Work Orders and quickly reporting the completed Work Orders.
    3. Track work-in-progress across Machines and do an inline inspection to improve product quality.
    4. Build innovative products with the same cost-per-unit as mass production lines.
    5. Deliver more value to the customer with negligible increment in manufacturing cost.
    6. Cost the completed Work Orders with one click and view Material Costs, Labor Costs, Overheads, and expenses in a graphical view.
  • Service and Warranty:
    1. Offer robust Service Coverage and Warranty using a simple and flexible Contract Creation process.
    2. Service intelligence easily connects customer info with the Service Contract and the Warranty.
    3. Schedule and dispatch Field Service Resources easily after checking active Contracts and Warranties. No need to run reports finding the active Contract and Warranty information.



We offer business value, quicker ROI, and key differentiators for your business growth and process improvement. At the same time, honor your change management, project management, and data governance policies. OpenJanela Software is designed for easier, cheaper implementation and adoption for Small and Medium Businesses. You get direct support from us before, during, and after implementation, with no offshore support. Call us today to discuss our easy and simple terms of open-source licenses for companies of all sizes. What are you waiting for? Reach out to OpenJanela Software at: and Schedule a demo.


[1] Mass production of tooling product families via modular feature-based design to manufacturing collaboration in PLM. Ming, X. G., et al. 2007, Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, Vol. 18, pp. 185–195.

[2] Anderson, D. M. (2003). Build-to-Order and Mass Customization: The Ultimate Supply Chain Management and Lean Manufacturing Strategy for Low-Cost on-Demand Production Without Forecasts. Cambria, A: CIM Press.

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