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OpenJanela is the only glass design software you'll need. It's simple to use and will save you time and money by reducing errors.

Why should you use OpenJanela’s glass design software?. OpenJanela can lighten many of the potential errors that arise at the glass and order placement stage, including: Measurements being recorded inaccurately Difficulty interpreting drawings Drawings on paper get lost or damaged Jobs are priced inconsistently There’s no doubt with drawings created in glass design software. They are clear, consistent and easy to read. With OpenJanela, you’ll have a searchable record of all of your designs so you don’t need to worry about lost pieces of paper.

Design and Estimate Aluminium Windows & Doors

Nuestro software ayuda al usuario a diseñar y calcular rápidamente puertas, ventanas y escaparates de aluminio. Y lo que es más importante, nuestro software garantiza que incluso los cálculos de diseño más complicados sean correctos.

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Using OpenJanela for glass design

OpenJanela is incredibly intuitive, the drawings are interactive so you can simply click on a dimension to edit it. Get started with your glass design in OpenJanela by choosing a panel shape from the shape library or selecting ‘custom shape’ and adding your measurements. Drag cutouts onto the panel using the standard cutouts from the library or custom cutouts you have created yourself. Add edgework with just one click. Once you’re happy with your glass design, simply export it as a PDF or DXF file, or clone the panel if you need more than one. It really is that easy to use.

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