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ERP for Window, Door, and Glass Fabricators

Work Better with OpenJanela Glass Fabrication Software

Produce and Ship your customer’s orders on time, every time with OpenJanela Glass Fabrication Software. Manage Complete and Partial orders Easily. Gain Insight and Control over all of your processes. Build a Strong Profitable Business with OpenJanela Software for Glass Fabricators.

Glass Fabrication Software That Adapts to YOUR Business!

OpenJanela Software for Glass Fabricators always adapts to your way of doing business while bringing experience and knowledge gained from dealing with 100s of Glass Fabricators.  OpenJanela is fully customizable so that it can handle just about any business or manufacturing requirement you have.

What OpenJanela Software for Glass Fabricators Offers

  • Configure, Cost, Price, Estimate, and Fabricate Single Glass, Residencial and Commercial Sealed Units, Tempered Glass, Shower Doors, Sliding Glass Doors, Glass Entrances, etc.
  • Control your Complete Operations, from WEB Order Entry, to Installation and everything in between
  • Ship products On Time Everytime with no mistakes
  • Adds Efficiencies to every process so that you can Operate Better than other Glass Fabricators
  • Runs your Fully Automated Lines, Optimizers, and CNC machinery with powerful Interfaces & production sequencing
  • Integrate to 3rd party Software such as Accounting, Sales Force, and other solutions with a flexible API
  • Helps you manage the Entire Operations of Glass Fabricators from Order Entry to Invoicing.

Why Use OpenJanela's Glass Fabrication Software?

Glass Fabrication Software

Control Your Operations From A to Z

  • Control Every Aspect of your Business: Sales Channel, Estimation, Production, Inventory, Re-Works and Service Work, Shipping, Installation, and more.
  • Control your Glass Fabrication Processes and Order Progression
  • Control how the System works, How your Users work, and how your Customers work on your Web Platform.
  • Control the Labor Capacities of every Production & Shipping Station
  • Control Quality with Statistical Process Controls & Data Gathering
  • Control Workflow and Glass Routings throughout your production process with Openjanela

Keep It Simple

  • Easily Configure and Build Custom Glass Product With OpenJanela
  • Easily Integrate all  Aspects of your Glass Fabrication business including Machinery and  Software.
  • Easily Train New Hires new Workers with OpenJanela Software for Glass Fabricators Training tools
  • Easily get your Fabrication and Installation Done On-Time with scheduling tools and planning aids.
  • Easily accept orders from your Sales Channel with Powerful Web Order Entry and Estimation Tools.


  • Visibility on your Entire Business processes from estimates to Invoices with OpenJanela
  • Visibility of all Key Business Indicators at your Finger Tips in a single Program
  • Visibility of Production and Installation data - Capture and Analyze Data from your Entire Operation with OpenJanela Software for Glass Fabricators
  • Visibility of your Sales Channel Activity, Account Receivable, etc.

Helps you Grow!

  • OpenJanela Glass fabrication Software helps you run better so that you can Grow!
  • Produce More with what you already have and grow faster
  • Increase your Labor Efficiency and Produce More with Less!
  • Produce Faster and gain more customers!
  • Optimize Better, Reduce costs & Increase Margins with OpenJanela
  • Increase you Customer Base with Web Order Entry & Estimating

Support, Knowledge, & Flexibility

  • OpenJanela Glass fabrication Software Delivers what your Business needs, the way you want it.
  • Unlimited Support from people who understand your business and are willing to learn from you.
  • Customize OpenJanela's Glass Fabrication Software the way you need when you need it.
  • with Support Professionals in English, French, and Spanish
  • Online and Onsite Training and Implementation

Full Automation with OpenJanla Glass Fabrication Software

Fully Automate your Factory with OpenJanela Software for Glass Fabricators. From dropping the right glass on your cutting table, to Optimizing, Cutting, processing, to racking in a sorted sequence. Operation such as tempering, IG Manufacturing, CNC Glass Stations, eyc., are all readily and easily handled by Openjanela’s Glass Fabrication Software.

Control your complete Supply  Chain with OpenJanela Glass  Fabrication Software.

Find out how OpenJanela can help you bring your Glass Fabrication business to the next level!

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