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Step One

Go to “Purchasing Management” and select “Supplier Management”.

Select a supplier from the list and click on “Inventory”.

Step Two

Select a part. It is possible to search for a stock part by clicking on “Filter By”.

Step Three

Click on “Suppliers”:

Step Four

Click on the “+” icon to add a new supplier for the selected part.

Step Five

Enter the required fields.

  • Select a supplier from the list.
  • Select the order unit of measurement
  • Enter the minimum order quantity in the order unit of measurement. If the order UOM is rack, the minimum order qty will be set in racks.
  • Enter the order to stock conversion. Eg: How many bars in a rack.
  • Enter the standard lead time.
  • Enter the cost per order. (In order UOM).
Add a supplier to a Stock Record from Inventory Management

Step Six

Click on save to finish.

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