Adding Addresses

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Step 1:

Go to customer management
⦁ Select a customer account

Click on “Addresses”
⦁ Click on the “+” icon to create a new address

Click on address

Fields marked in red are mandatory.

Step 2:

Fill in the fields.
⦁ Proceed to add “Address 1”, “City”, “State/Prov.”, “ZIP/PC”.
⦁ You can also set the name of the address like the example bellow. If the name is not set, it will be defaulted to “Main Address”.
⦁ “Branch” and “Location” fields are you’re company’s branch and locations that have been set in OpenJanela.
⦁ If the address that is being added is the default or main address for the selected Customer Account, then click on “Primary”.
⦁ Select a “Route” and a “Drop” number.

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