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Confirming Orders

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Confirming Orders

Orders can be confirmed by selecting “Ordered” in the “Documents” tab in the “Customer Management” and “Document Management” modules.

Step One

Click on confirm order

Step Two

Confirm to proceed

Step Three

Confirm the required date for the order

confirm required data

Step Three(1)

If required, click on the calendar icon to change the date.

After selecting the date required, click the recalculate button.

Step Three(2)

Confirm the required date for the order

Step Three(1)

Click the confirm icon to place the order.

  • When an order is confirmed, the system will schedule dates for purchasing, production, shipping, delivery and installation.
  • Scheduled dates will be calculated based on lead times for shipping, production and if there are any item that needs to be bought to be able to manufacture or deliver the final product, lead times for each supplier part will be taken into consideration.
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