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Creating a new Opportunity

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Step One

Create a new Opportunity
⦁ Opportunities can be generated from Lead Management Details Screen by clicking on “Opportunity”.

Creating a new Opportunity
Creating a new Opportunity

Step Two

These can also be created from the “Opportunities” tab in “Lead Management” or “Customer Management”.

Step Three

Enter the required information under “Details”
⦁ “Deal Name” is auto-filled with the Lead/Customer Name.
⦁ Enter the estimated probability of sale.
Step 3:
⦁ Enter the estimated revenue for the “Opportunity”
⦁ Enter a “Type” and/or “Brand” if necessary.
⦁ Estimated prices can be set beforehand but the user can change the estimated price by editing the “User Price” column.

Creating a new Opportunity

Step Four

Save the Opportunity.

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