Inventory Management

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Step One

Access the inventory module by selecting “Inventory Management” and then “Stock Management”.

It is also possible to manage inventory per supplier.

Inventory Management

Step Two

Go to the “Purchasing Management” module and select “Supplier Management”.

Step Three

Choose a supplier from the list and click on “Inventory”.

Types of transactions

Stock Code

Part stock code.


Part Description


Supplier Name

Reorder  Point

Inventory level at which a purchase order should be placed to replenish inventory stock.

Minimum Stock

Inventory Level that must be kept in the warehouse at all times.

Qty on Hand

Inventory on hand quantity.


Stock unit of measurement

Avg. Cost

Average cost of the material.

Qty. Req

Amount of material in requisitions, in stock unit of measure

Qty. Ordered

Amount of material in issued purchase orders, in stock unit of measure

Qty. Allocated

Amount of material allocated for production, in stock unit of measure


Amount of material in work in progress. Material is set to WIP when a batch is released to production.

Inventory Actions

Edit Stock Part

Edit the selected stock item.

Delete Stock Part

Delete the selected stock item.

Add to PO

Create a Purchase Order for the selected stock item.


View and/or add suppliers for the selected stock item


View and/or edit the warehouse information for the selected stock item.


View, edit or add requisitions for purchasing or transfer from one warehouse to another, for the selected stock item.


View and/or edit stock allocations for the selected item.


View and/or edit stock transactions for the selected item.

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