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Inventory Quick View

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Step One

Inventory quick view allows the user to have an overview of the inventory records and transactions.

Access the inventory quick views by selecting “Inventory Management” and then “Inventory Quick View”.

Inventory Quick View
Inventory Quick View

Step Two

In this section it is possible to view the following information:

Stock Code

Part Stock Code


Part Description

Default Suppliers

Default Supplier



Qty. On Hand

Inventory On Hand quantity.


Unit of measure. UOM may be set as stock unit of measure or usage unit of measure.

Avg. Cost

Average cost of the inventory part.

Qty. On Hand Value

Total on hand inventory value.

Qty. Req.

Inventory quantity in purchase requisitions.

Qty P.O.

Inventory quantity in issued purchase orders.

Qty. Allocated

Inventory allocated quantity.

Qty. WIP

Inventory quantity in work in progress.

Qty. Available

Available inventory quantity.


Qty. Received

Received quantity in the selected transaction period.

Qty. Transferred

Transferred quantity in the selected transaction period.

Qty. Issued

Issued quantity in the selected transaction period.

Qty. Adjusted

Adjusted quantity in the selected transaction period.

Filter by function

Filter transactions by date, warehouse, stock code, description, part family.

Step Three

After selecting the parameters, click on the search button to filter the transactions.

Step Four

To export the report as a CSV file, click on the export button:

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