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Manifest Management

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Manifest Management allows the user to view the status, content and shipping date for each manifest. Shipping reports such as manifests, delivery notes and pick lists can be generated from this screen.

Step One

To access the shipping manifest management module go to the main menu and select:

Shipping Management → Manifest Management.

Manifest Management
Manifest Management

Step Two

Set the search parameters and click on the search icon.e”.

Step Three

Select a shipping manifest and click on “Finalize”.

  • Manifest status will be changed from “Open” to “Closed”.

Click “Yes” to continue.

Step Four

Click on “Print” to view the available shipping reports.

Step Five

Select which reports you would like to print and click on a print option.

Print as a PDF document.

Print as a Word document.

Print as an Excel document.

Print directly to a default printer.

Manifest Management
Manifest Management
Manifest Management

Step Six

Set the manifest to “Shipped”.

Manifests can be set to “shipped” status by selecting the “Ship” button at the bottom of the manifest management screen.

Click “Yes” to set as shipped.

Despatch station

It is also possible to set a manifest as “Shipped” with the “Despatch” station view.

If there is a computer with a bar-code scanner at the shipping bay, the operator can scan a shipping label to set the item as “loaded” into the truck. Once every item in a shipping manifest is scanned, the status of the manifest will be set to “Shipped”.

Usually, the operator would log into OpenJanela and will be able to see the “Despatch” station only.

Step 1:

Enter a manifest number and click on the search button.

Step 2:

Scan each shipping label at the time of loading an item.

Setting a manifest as delivered.

Step 1:

Go to manifest management, select a manifest number and click on “Delivered”.

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