Receiving Management

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Filter and view Issued PO’s

To view a PO

Click on the view button.

To print a PO

Click on the print button.

To send a PO by email

Click on the email button.

To receive a PO

Click on the cart.

Receiving PO’s

Step One

Enter the received quantities. Enter the received quantity by double clicking on the “Qty Rec” column. Type in the quantity and press the enter key. It is possible to receive every item in the PO by selecting “Receive All”. Select “Import from csv” to receive the PO with a CSV file from your supplier. If a line has more than 1 qty, it is possible to receive each individual piece and set different locations for each.

Step Two

Verify receiving location/warehouse. Click on “Location” row for each column if you would like to change the default warehouse/location.

Step Three

Save to finish.

Partial Received PO’s

If a purchase order was not received completely, it will be set as partially received. A receipt for the registered received quantities will be generated.

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