Stock Transactions

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Types of transactions

Receipt (+)

A movement with which the receipt of goods from a supplier is received.

Issue (-)

A movement with which a material consumption, withdrawal or shipment of goods takes place.

Transfer (- +)

A movement from one warehouse or location to another.

Automatic transactions

A receipt transaction is generated automatically, whenever a purchase order is received.

An issue transaction is generated automatically, whenever an item is set to “ready to ship”, either by being scanned complete in the QC station, set to ready to ship in “Order Tracking”, or manually completed from a batch.

Cycle counts will also generate automatic transactions. This may be a positive or negative transaction and will depend on the inventory count.

Step One

Go to “Purchasing Management” and select “Supplier Management”.

Select a supplier from the list and click on “Inventory”.

Step Two

Select a part. It is possible to search for a stock part by clicking on “Filter By”.

Step Three

Click on “Transactions”:

Step Four

View transactions

Manually add a new transaction

Step One

Click on the “+” button to add a new transaction.

Step Two

Enter the required fields.

If the transaction type is “Issue”, “Add” or “Deduct” select a reason from the drop-down.

If transaction type is “Transfer”, select the warehouse and location the stock is being transferred to.

Step Three

Click save to finish.

Reverting a transactions

Step One

Select the transaction you would like to revert and click the revert icon.

Step Two

Confirm to revert transaction.

Step Three

After confirming, a new transaction will be created.