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Project table format

1.Set Customer as Builder. In order to activate the project tab in OpenJanela, the customer has to be set as a builder. •    In customer management, go to the details tab •    Click on the Builder checkbox •    Save changes 2. Create new Project •    Go to the Documents tab •    Click on new 3.Create …

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Adding partner groups

Step One Partner groups can be used to categorize a customer. It is possible to set different pricing, discounts and product series available for each partner group. To add a partner group follow these steps. Click on edit in the “Pricing Group” tab. Step Two Click on the “+” button to add a new group. …

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Order Tracking

Step One Go to “Customer Service” and select “Customer Management” or “Document Management”. Step Two Go to confirmed orders, select the order you would like to view and click on “Tracking”. Step Three View the status for each item. Item Status Confirmed: Item has been confirmed and has not been added to a production batch. …

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Confirming Orders

Confirming Orders Orders can be confirmed by selecting “Ordered” in the “Documents” tab in the “Customer Management” and “Document Management” modules. Step One Click on confirm order Step Two Confirm to proceed Step Three Confirm the required date for the order Step Three(1) If required, click on the calendar icon to change the date. After …

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Creating a new Opportunity

Step One Create a new Opportunity ⦁ Opportunities can be generated from Lead Management Details Screen by clicking on “Opportunity”. Step Two These can also be created from the “Opportunities” tab in “Lead Management” or “Customer Management”. Step Three Enter the required information under “Details” ⦁ “Deal Name” is auto-filled with the Lead/Customer Name. ⦁ …

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