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Get Your Techs To Their Jobs Quicker

OpenJanela will make the job of your technicians easier and help them increase productivity by reducing downtime and getting them to work faster. The app keeps track of the technician’s work list, which automatically adds all the work assigned to them to their order and gives them a clear understanding of the parts required for their planned work. Reduce downtime and wheels. OpenJanela’s job list will automatically show the technicians their next appointment, when they need to reach the site and the route to the site.

Ensure The Job Is Done Right.

OpenJanela is very flexible in terms of pricing and quotation for shower installation. You can create estimated prices by size, thickness, glass type, etc. You can also add special options and manufacturing methods as well as custom labor rates. If you have a custom price list, you can easily store it and add it to any new estimates or quotes. In addition, you can also offer special discounts for specific customers or accounts, which you can apply to any order.

Don't Wait To Close Out Job

After the job is complete, you do not need to wait until the end of the day to verify the completed job and close it. The technicians can mark the service as completed, and the status of the store is automatically updated.

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