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Advanced Window Manufacturing, Door Manufacturing, Window, and Door Estimating and Sales, Configured Product CPQ, and ERP Software for Fabricators and  Dealers

Window and Door Software for
Manufacturers & Dealers

Advanced Window and Door Manufacturing & Sales, CPQ, and ERP Software for Fabricators & Dealers
CPQ Software for Engineered and Configured Products. Startups and large multinationals use OpenJanela daily to fabricate,
sell, and install thousands of windows, doors, and other configured products.

ERP for Manufacturers
& Dealers

Web-based Quoting
for Dealers & Salespeople

Online Configurator & CPQ for Websites

Design and Estimate

Window Design, Door Design, and Storefront Estimation. Calculate Accurate costs. Produce precise professional estimates. Quote Jobs quickly and Accurately.  Manage leads and Customers. Generate more leads with online tools.

Invoicing & A/R

Produce Complete and Partial Invoices, Apply Payment Terms, Finance Charges, Calculate Taxes, Receive Deposits, Record Payments, Track Accounts Receivable, Produce Reports, and Interface to 3rd Party Software.

Production Management

Flexible Production Scheduling. Batch Processing for Efficient Material and resource usage. Optimize materials and eliminate waste. Paperless production. Inline Quality Control. Training Aids for New Hires. Stay in Control!

CRM & Service Management

Generate Leads with B2B and B2C E-Commerce. Manage Sales & Service Appointments, Schedule, and record Communications/Tasks Generate Quotations, Record Service Time & materials, and Much More!

Supply Chain Management

Manage Inventory, Purchases, Shipping, Receiving, Supplier Request for Quotations, Multiple Locations, Multiple Warehouses, Mobile Shipping, receiving, and Warehouse Management Apps, and more.

Apps For Android & iOS

Mobile Apps for Sales, Services, Shop Floor, Tracking, Material Handling, Warehouses, and Shipping/Delivery. Web-based B2B and B2C Sales. CPQ Software for Websites. Product Configurator and E-commerce Software.

Open Source Window and
Door ERP Software

Our Commercial Open Source Window design Software and Door Design Software helps you produce windows and doors faster, generate fast and accurate prices, manufacture more efficiently, run your CNC machines,and manage all schedules, from sales and service calls to purchasing and production dates. For Manufacturers and Resellers/Installers of: PVC Windows and Doors, Aluminum Windows and Doors, Steel Windows and Doors, Fiberglass Windows and Doors, Entry Doors, Fire Doors, Hollow Metal Doors, Security Products, and much more.

Powerful Window and
Door Configurator

Easily integrate our Leading Window Design Software,
Door Design Software, and Product Configurator into
your existing ERP, CRM, and Accounting Solutions. Has
sle-free licensing, Easy to use Open Source APIs, and
a Great Support Team, ensure your success! Whether
you’re a Window and Door manufacturer or dealer,
we can help!

Unparalleled CPQ and
MTO Configurator

Looking for CPQ and Product Configurator to add your existing
Solution? Easily integrate our Leading CPQ and MTO Product Con
figurator into your existing Solution. Call us today to discuss out
easy terms and open source license that permits any software to
use our Configurator system for individually named clients!

Powerful CPQ

Add CPQ Software to your Website. Acquire more leads and increase sales. Add B2B CPQ Software. Improve Direct Sales with B2C CPQ software. Configure Price Quote Software for your Made to Order and Engineered to order products. You sell complex, configurable products with our CPQ Software. Affordable Configure Price Quote software for your Sales Channel and E-Commerce.

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At OpenJanela, our entire business model depends on your success and growth. We believe that our partners are
happier spending their IT budget on the Functionality and Services they need when needed. At OpenJanela’s Door
and Window ERP Software, we focus on your Success! Stay in Full Control of your Software Destiny!

Advanced Open Source ERP Software
Modules For Your Business

Startups and Top 100 Window and Door
Fabricators Rely on OpenJanela Daily!

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