Creating a Sales Team

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Creating a Sales Team


Step 1:

Go to “Sales Management”, and click on “Sales Team Management”

Sales management


Step 2:

Go to “Details” and click on the “+” icon to create a new sales team.




click + on details

Step 3:

Fill in the required fields.

  • Select the company branch where the sales team will be assigned to.
  • Resource should be set as “Sales Team”.
  • In “Team Leader” you will see a drop down of sales partners. Select which sales partner you will be assigning as a “Team Leader”.


Step 4:

Click on Save.

Save Sales Team


Step 5:

Add the sales team availability.

In this section we will define the working times, weekend and holidays for the sales team.

  • Go to Calendar and click con the “+”.

click + on calendar

  • Description will be auto-filled with the sales team name.
  • Set weekend days by clicking on the drop down under “Day One”, “Day Two” and “Day Three”
  • Edit the “Start Time” and “End Time”.

enter calendar info 1

  • Holidays can also be added into the calendar. To do so, click on Holidays and then on the “+” icon as shown bellow.

enter calendar info 1

Step 6:

Click on save to finish adding the calendar.

enter calendar info 1


Step 7:

Add the sales person into a “Sales Team”.

  • Go to Sales Team and click on edit.

click edit sales team

  • Select the available “Sales Partners” and click on “>” to assign the sales person into the selected “Sales Team”.

add to sales rep to sales team

  • Click on save to finish

save sales team members

Step 8:

Select which product series will be available for the “Sales Team”.

  • Go to “Series” and click on the edit icon.

Click on series and edit


  • Select the product series and then click on “>” to make it available.

select available series

  • Click on Save to finish.


Click on save series


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