Accounts Receivable

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The accounts receivable module allows the user to view and manage invoices, payments, credit and debit notes and deposits.

To access the accounts receivable module go to “A/R Management” and click on “Accounts Receivable”.

Accounts Receivable

View and Manage Invoices, Payments, Credit Notes, Debit Notes and Deposits.

Accounts Receivable

Filter by customer, document number and by date
To filter any document in AR Management, click on the “Filter By” tab, enter the search parameters and click on the “search” button.

Accounts Receivable

Filter documents
View any documents for the specified customer, document number and date range specified.

Accounts Receivable

View current invoices.

Past Due:
View past due invoices.

View paid invoices

View payments.

Credit Notes:
View credit notes.

Debit Notes:
View debit notes.

View deposits.
Document actions:

Accounts Receivable

View the order by clicking on “Order No. X”.

Accounts Receivable

View document.

Accounts Receivable

Print document

Accounts Receivable

Email document.

Accounts Receivable

Delete document.

Accounts Receivable module actions:

Accounts Receivable

Ready to Invoice:
View orders ready to be invoiced.

Customer Payment
Record a payment for a customer.

Create a credit note.

Create a debit note

Finance Charges
View finance charges.

Print documents:
-Credit note details
-Customer Aging
-Customer Payments
-Customer Statements
-Invoice Aging
-Invoice Taxes
-Invoice print batch (to print every invoice for the customer and date range selected)

GL Accounts
Export to general ledger accounts.

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