Create a Requisition for Purchase or Transfer

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Create a Requisition for Purchase or Transfer

Step 1:
Go to “Purchasing Management” and select “Supplier Management”.
Select a supplier from the list and click on “Inventory”.

Select supplier from list and click inventory

Step 2:

Select a part. It is possible to search for a stock part by clicking on “Filter By”.

filter by

Step 3:
Click on “Requisitions”:

Click on transactions

Requisitions screen will display any requisition in a purchase order and any pending requisition.
It is possible to filter requisitions by type, status, warehouse and date required.

Click on edit part

Step 4:
Click the “+” button to add a new requisition.

Click + to add new req

Step 5:
Enter the required fields.
If the requisition is for a custom part, not stocked in the system, select “Custom” and enter a Stock Code and Description.
Enter the required quantity in the stock unit of measure. Required quantity will be set as the minimum order quantity as a default.
Select if it is a requisition for purchase or transfer and select the warehouse.

enter the required fields

Step 6:
Click on save to finish.

save requisition

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