Creating a Shipping Manifest

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Creating a Shipping Manifest

Shipping manifests can be created by going to the “Ready to Ship” screen or by going to the “Shipping Planner”.


Creating Manifests from a Shipping Plan.


Step 1:

Select a completed shipping plan and click on “edit”.

Every order in the shipping plan should be set as “Ready to Ship” in order to create a new manifest.



Step 2:

Click on “New Manifest”.

  • After creating a new manifest for the selected shipping plan, the plan status will be set to closed and will no longer be editable



Creating a Shipping Manifest from the “Ready to Ship” screen.


Step 1:

Select Shipping Management from the main menu and click on “Ready to Ship”.

Go to ready to ship screen

Step 2:

Select a shipping route and shipping date and click on search.

  • It is possible to ship complete orders, items or assemblies.

Select route and ship date

Step 3:

Select the orders, items or assemblies you would like to ship and click on “New Manifest”.


Select orders to ship


Select items to ship


Select assemblies to ship

Step 4:

Click “Yes” to proceed adding items to new shipping manifest.

confirm adding items to new shipping manifest

Step 5:

Enter manifest details and click on “save”.

Add manifest details


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