Manage Production Batches

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Manage Production Batches

Every batch created in OpenJanela will be displayed in “Manage Production Batches”.

In the batch Header information, it is possible to see the creation date, release date, start date and completion date.

Manage Production Batches

In “Content”, it is possible to see the batch content by orders, items and assemblies.

Batch ContentTo view the batch content by items, click on items.

To view the batch content by assemblies click on items and the on assemblies.

view content by assembly

Adding orders to existing batches.

If the batch has not been finalized, it is possible to add confirmed orders into an existing batch, to do so, click on “Add”

Batch Content

Select the orders from the list and click on “Existing Batch”.

Add orders to existing batches

Removing orders from existing batches.

If the batch has not been finalized, it is possible to remove orders, items and assemblies from a batch.

To do so, select the order, item or assembly and then click on remove.

Remove orders from a batch

In “Plan”, the production lines and stations are displayed with their “Sub-Batch Content”.

Select a production line and station to view it’s sub batch content.

Sub-Ba tch Content shows the order number and item number, quantities number for each item, assembly type, production line, station shift and production cart and slot assigned to each item.


Set batch to complete

Generating Production Reports

Step 1:

Finalize the batch.

  • When a batch is finalized, it is not possible to add any more orders into it.

Finalize Batch

Step 2:

Release the batch:

At this stage, the system will calculate every production report. Cutting list optimization occurs at the moment of releasing a batch.

Release Batch

Step 3:

Print reports and send files to computers.


  • After clicking on print, a dialog will pop up.
  • Production reports are assigned to each production line and station.
  • Reports can be printed and sent to a specified path.
  • Select report preferred system of measurement, metric, imperial, or imperial fractions to preview reports.

Print dialog

Report List functions

Select AllSelect All.

Select all reports to print preview.

Unselect AllUnselect All.

Unselect all reports.

Save to FileSave To File.

Generate reports into the specified path.

Print PreviewPrint Preview.

Preview reports in PDF format.

Print allPrint Now.

Print all reports with a predefined printer.

Batch Completion.

There are different ways to set a batch as completed.

One of these is by scanning a frame label at a QC station at the end of the production line.

If every item in the batch is scanned, the batch will be set as completed.

If every item in an order is scanned, the order will change it’s status to be “ready to ship”.

If there is no bar-code scanning to set the product as completed, then it is possible to manually complete the batch.

To do so, click on “Complete” when the batch has been processed.

Set batch to complete

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