Order Tracking

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Order Tracking


After an order has been confirmed, it is possible to view the order items status.


To view the status of each item in an order follow these steps.


Step 1:
Go to “Customer Service” and select “Customer Management” or “Document Management”.


Order Tracking


Step 2:

Go to confirmed orders, select the order you would like to view and click on “Tracking”.

Order Tracking

Step 3:

View the status for each item.


Item Status


Item has been confirmed and has not been added to a production batch.


In Production:

Item has been added to a production batch.


Ready to Ship:

Item has been completed from production and is ready to be shipped.



Item has been delivered.



Item has been invoiced.


To view a detailed status for each item click on “Details”.

The detailed view displays the item and each item quantity number status, production start and end date, batch number and warehouse location.


Manually setting order/item to “ready to ship” status.


It is possible to set an order or an item to “Ready to Ship” status in the order tracking view.


To set an order/item to ready to ship, the order or item status needs to be “In Production”


Setting order to ready to ship status:


Step 1:

In the order tracking view, click on “Ready to Ship”

Step 2:

Click on “Yes” to set order as “Ready to Ship”.

Setting items to ready to ship status:


Step 1:

In the item detailed tracking view, select the items you would like to set to ready to ship and click on “Ready To Ship”.

Step 2:

Click on “Yes” to set items as “Ready to Ship”.


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