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Multi Family Buildings Projects

This section is intended to for Multi Family Buildings projects.

Step 1:

Set Customer as Builder.

In order to activate the project tab in OpenJanela, the customer has to be set as a builder.

  • In customer management, go to the details tab
  • Click on the Builder checkbox
  • Save changes

Set as builder

Step 2:

Create new Project

  • Go to the Documents tab
  • Click on new

new project

Step 3:

Create project attributes

Attributes Define how the project is Organized, for example Buildings and Facades, or Floors.

In the example we will use here, we will create 2 buildings – Bldg 1 with 2 Floors and Bldg 2 with 1 floor.


  • Click on new attribute as Building 1 and Parent attribute as “None”. Save attribute.


New attribute

  • Create a second attribute as Floor 1. Set Building 1 as parent attribute


New attribute

  • Create third attribute as Floor 2. Set Building 1 as parent attribute.


New attribute

  • Create another Attribute – Bldg 2 with No Parent

New attribute

  • Create a 4th Attribute Floor 1 and set its Parent as Bldg 2.

New attribute

Step 4:

Add items to the project

  • Add items as you would normally do.
  • At the time of Saving, you will notice that the Save dialog asks for the Qty per Floor (attribute).
  • Enter the Qty Required for each “Window/Product design and Size” – Usually these are detailed in the project Schedule supplied by the builder. For example A1 Or A2, etc.
    Save the Line Item

Save item and set qtys

  • Repeat for all the Product Types/SizesWindow/Product design and Size” listed in the Project Schedule.

Step 5:

Create Project Phases

  • On the project header, select Phases tab.
  • Select thew New phase button
  • Enter a description
  • Enter date required
  • In then attributes section, you will find the items available to add into the phase.
  • Select the desired items from the “Available” column and click the “>” button to add to the “Selected” column.


Create Phases

  • Select the “Items” tab to set the desired qty for the phase.

Items per phase

  • Continue to add all products that will be released in this phase.
  • Click Save

save phase

Step 6:

Click Save to update the project.Projects

save project

Step 7:

Mark the project as won by clicking the “Approve” button.

This will make all phases available to be released as individual orders.


Step 8:

Click on “Release Phase” button to show the available phases to be released.

release phase

Step 9:

Click on the “Release” button next to each phase to release it as a job.

Release Phase 1

Step 10:

Go to the “Orders” tab to see the released phases. Proceed to process the orders as you normally would.

process order

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