Purchase Orders

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Purchase Orders

Purchase orders to suppliers are generated from purchase requisitions.

Whenever a PO is created, it’s status is set to “Open”.

Purchase order status


Purchase orders can be edited and deleted.


Purchase order is no longer editable and it is waiting for approval.


Approved purchase orders may be issued to a supplier.


Purchase order has been issued to the supplier.

Purchase Orders can be managed from

  • Purchasing Management → Purchase Orders

View and manage all purchase orders

  • Purchasing Management → Supplier Management → Purchase Orders

View and manage purchase orders per supplier.

Manage and issue Purchase Orders

Step 1:

Go to “Purchasing Management” and select “Purchase Orders”

Click on purchase orders

Step 2:

Check and manage the purchase order.

  • When a PO is open, it is possible to add items from purchase requisitions and to edit the order quantity and order cost.
  • To edit the PO, click on the edit button at the bottom of the screen.
  • To change the qty and cost, click on the item and column to edit.


edit PO

To remove a line item from the PO, select the item and click on the delete button.

remove items from po

To add an item to the PO, click on the “+” button

add items to po

Select the requisitions you would like to add to the current PO and click on “Add Item(s)”

select items to add to po

Step 3:

Finalize the purchase order.

Click on the “lock” button to finalize.

Finalize PO

Step 4:

Approve the purchase order.

Approve PO 

Step 5:

Issue the PO.

  • PO can be issued by clicking on “send by email”.

Issue PO-email


send PO by email

  • PO may also be issued by generating an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) file.

Issue PO-edi

  • If there is no EDI file setup, click on the print button to save the PO as a PDF file and set the PO to “issued”

Issue PO-print

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