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Receiving Management


In receiving management is designed to view and receive issued purchase orders from suppliers.


To access the receiving module, go to the main menu and select:

Receiving Management → Receiving.



Filter and view Issued PO’s




To view a PO,

Click on the view button.




To print a PO

Click on the print button.

To send a PO by email

Click on the email button.

To receive a PO

Click on the cart.


Receiving PO’s


Step 1:

Enter the received quantities.

  • Enter the received quantity by double clicking on the “Qty Rec” column. Type in the quantity and press the enter key.
  • It is possible to receive every item in the PO by selecting “Receive All”.
  • Select “Import from csv” to receive the PO with a CSV file from your supplier.
  • If a line has more than 1 qty, it is possible to receive each individual piece and set different locations for each.



Step 2:

Verify receiving location/warehouse.

  • Click on “Location” row for each column if you would like to change the default warehouse/location.


Step 3:

Save to finish.



Partial Received PO’s


If a purchase order was not received completely, it will be set as partially received.


A receipt for the registered received quantities will be generated.











To finish receiving the purchase order, click on the cart and enter the remaining quantities.

In this example, 2 receipts (R-3 and R-4) were generated for PO 2. The status of the PO will be set to “Completed”












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