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Shipping Planner

The shipping planner is used to plan which orders will be delivered on a certain date and route.


The shipping planner can be accessed by going to the main menu and selecting:


Select shipping planner


Shipping Management” → Shipping Planner, or by going to

Shipping Dashboard → Shipping Planner



Creating Shipping Plans


Step 1:

Click on the “+” button to create a new plan.


Create new ship plan


Step 2:

Select the ship date and route and click on “Ready to Ship”


Enter the required fields and click ready to ship


Step 3:

Filter by dates and routes.

  • Click on “Ship on” to select the shipping date entered in the Shipping Plan.
  • Click on “Search” to view the results.
  • The “Ready to Ship” screen shows how many items are ready to be shipped in the “Packed Qty” column vs how many are remaining in the “Remaining Qty” column.


Select ship on


Step 4:

Add the orders to the shipping plan.

  • Select the orders and click on “Add to Shipping Planner”




Select orders to add to plan and click add to shipping planner

Step 5:

Save Shipping Plan.


Click save plan

Tracking orders in the shipping planner


It is possible to verify how many items on the order are set to complete and how many are pending.


To view the detailed remaining quantities, select a shipping plan and click on “Qty Remain” for the order you would like to see.

After selecting one of the orders, a new window will be displayed with detailed information for each item and assembly on the order.



click remaining qty

View remaining qty -detailed

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