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Cost Modeler

OpenJanela’s manufacturing estimating software contains hundreds of pre-built and industry validated processes, feature-based and parametric cost models that help estimators quickly calculate set-up and cycle times with the highest degree accuracy and consistency. Existing cost models can easily be modified or created by the user, to better fit the individual demands of any manufacturer.


Database driven

OpenJanela’s Manufacturing Estimating Software is database driven, allowing you to store, access and recover all of your information related to cost estimating in a single, yet sharable, location. Unifying your data allows all estimators to quickly access and utilize the same information, drastically intensifying the speed and consistency of the cost estimating process.

Data library for manufacturing estimating software

OpenJanela’s manufacturing estimating software comes supplied with industry validated Cost Models and Time Standards that enables the system to support the cost estimating of hundreds of manufacturing processes, including all forms of machining, fabrication, stamping, welding, assembly, molding, castings, forgings, electronics and more. Most of the time and cost data residing within OpenJanela’s manufacturing estimating software comes from working with manufacturers from all around the world. The system contains manufacturing database libraries for the following: Material Speeds & Feeds, Process Cost Models, Feature-Based Cost Models, Parametric Cost Models, Worldwide Shop Rates, Raw Material Data, Assembly Time Standards
Handling Time Standards

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