uPVC Windows and Doors software – ERP for Window and Door Manufacturers

The use of UPVC as a building material for windows and doors has consistently increased over the last 25 years. This rise is attributable, in part, to the following properties:

PVC windows are the Number One in energy efficiency

PVC windows have a very good cost-benefit ratio 

PVC windows are easy to care for

PVC windows are remarkably durable

PVC windows boast an excellent eco-balance 

OpenJanela's PVC Windows and Doors Software

Produce Estimates, and Quotes with confidence. Generate complete Multi-Level Bills of Materials, complete with routing, machine utilization, labor costs, overheads, etc. including labor costs, and overheads. Generate Optimized cutting Schedules, CNC Interface Files, and Labels with Barcodes. Track Assemblies through the production process, Quality Control, and Shipping.
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Generate Quotations in Minutes

OpenJanela's Software allows UPVC Windows and Doors Fabricators quickly quote large jobs. Creating Alternative quotations with different options is a snap with our Global Changes feature. Our UPVC Windows and Doors software helps you manage small orders and large projects with multiple delivery phases alike.
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