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How to convert your website visitors into highly motivated Window & Door buyers?

We’ve all seen how online shopping has changed the way consumers choose and purchase products. The Window and Door and Made-To-Order Industries have also benefited from this trend with increased traffic and inquiries. But now that you have the traffic, the question is how to make visitors return and stay on your website? How do you keep them interested in your products? And, more importantly, how do you convert them into Motivated Leads and even Buyers?

The answer is to get them and keep them engaged on your website by learning about your products and experimenting with product designs and configurations.

In Europe, companies like,,, and many more have incorporated web-based Configurators to engage their website visitors, generate leads, and even take initial (unconfirmed) orders.

In the US, companies like Andersen ( have added web-based Window and Door Designers/configurators to captivate their website visitors’ attention converting them into well-informed, highly motivated leads.

There are two types of web-based Business to Consumer (B2C) configurators:

  1. B2C Lead Engagement and Generation tools that engage your website visitors in an Educative design process. This type teaches your visitors about your products, available options, and the benefits of each, without displaying prices. The goal is to have an educated and motivated consumer ask for a quotation. is an excellent example of this.
  2. B2C E-Commerce configurators do the same as the first type above but go further by adding pricing and order processing. In most cases, the orders generated require follow-up from qualified salespeople before being confirmed. is an excellent example of this.

Companies that sell directly to consumers import the leads generated into their CRM. Manufacturers who sell through a dealer network will distribute Leads (manually or automatically) to the appropriate dealer.


To help our clients increase sales, OpenJanela Software has launched its B2B & B2C Web-Based Window, Door, and Configured Made-To-Order product designer/configurator plugin. It can be easily added to any website and use an Open API to integrate to 3rd Party CRMs and Manufacturing Software (including, but not limited to, OpenJanela’s own ERP).

The main Benefits of OpenJanela’s B2C web-based Configurator are:

  • Easy to use Rules-Based Product configurator that helps you set up even the most complex engineering and pricing rules.
  • Price products based on Price Lists or through Estimates based on your actual costs!
  • Customizable product Configuration Steps to match how you do business
  • Out of the Box Configurator built for your Industry. You don’t have to redesign the wheel or spend big $$$ on creating your own.
  • Install it on your on-premise or cloud servers.
  • Customizable Look and Feel so that it can match your own website’s look.
  • Open API means you will not need to abandon or change any Software you are already comfortable using.
  • OpenJanela’s Commercial Open Source license ensures that you stay in control of your software.

For more information OpenJanela’s suite of products, please contact

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