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Modular Open Source Window and Door ERP Software

Built for those who seek Integrated or Best of Breed Solutions Window and Door ERP designed by Industry Experts for Industry Experts

Design, Configure, Price, Quote.

OpenJanela’s License Free Window and Door ERP Software starts with a Powerful Product Configurator Designed for the Window Industry. Start by Designing Windows, Door, and other MTO products. Configure Options, Dimensions, and other complex parameters. Obtain complete Bills of Materials that include Cut Sizes, Parts, Notch Positions, and Machining codes. Establish production routing, Machine Capacity consumption, Labor figures. Calculate Costing and Pricing. Provide elegant, easy to understand proposals and quotations. or a Best of Breed Approach

Crm, Sales, Marketing & Service Management.

OpenJanela’s Commercial Open Source Window and Door ERP Software features integrated CRM, Sales, Marketing, and Service Management Modules. It is ideal for those seeking a cost-effective integrated solution. Manufacturers and Distributors with existing ERP, CRM, or accounting application can Integrate OpenJanela Configurator and Manufacturing modules into their existing software with Ease. Our Commercial Open Source License ensures a smooth issue free integration and is compatible with any existing commercial license.

Window And Door Erp Production Modules

Our Window and Door ERP Software’s Production modules integrate tightly with our configurator modules. Our Window and Door production software addresses the needs of the Fenestration Industry but can be modified to suit other industries.

Supply Chain Window And Door Erp Modules.

OpenJanela’s Window and Door ERP Software Supply Chain Modules offer a comprehensive set of Modules to manage Purchasing, Receiving, Inventory Control, Warehouse Management, and Shipping. They are integrated into the Rules-Based configurator which can intelligently route production, shipping, and warehouse transfers. For More information, please contact us today!

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數以百計的初創公司和跨國公司每天使用 OpenJanela 來設計、銷售、生產和安裝門窗。瞭解 OpenJanela 如何説明您將業務提升到新的水準!

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